Networking events

Day: August 23, 2020
Time: 18:00
Cost: 0 EUR (registration required)

We kindly invite you to our opening ceremony of this year’s International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors at the Maritim Hotel Berlin. The opening words are going to be followed by a get-together in the Maritim Hotel Berlin. Before the official program, you have the opportunity to explore Berlin in one of our guided tours (see Excursions: August 23, 2020).

Day: August 27, 2020
Time: 19:00
Cost: 60 EUR

Experience Berlin in the charm of the golden twenties.
The dinner is musically framed in the style of the 1920s by the Berlin Street Swing Band Manuel von Eden, who will make sure that everyone in the room wants to swing their legs.
Enjoy the evening with colleagues and friends and let Charleston ladies, a nostalgic photo box, artists and well-known musicians of the city take you away into the cultural diversity of Berlin - as it was and as it is.

Day: August 27, 2020
Time: 19:00
Cost: 20 EUR (only for students)

The IWN 2020 student event will be held this year on Thursday, 27th August in the evening. This student organized event is the perfect opportunity to network with other young scientists and to get a feel of what makes Berlin so attractive to people from all over the world. “Der letzte infantile Gedanke”, a well known local Berlin band, will set the mood for dancing while typical Berlin street food and beverages will ensure that you get the real Berlin experience. Games, quizzes and other surprises will help you connect with other attendees authentically and foster real connections. Finally round off the evening with a “must have” that belongs to Berlin’s “attitude of life”.

Picture: ©Der letzte infantile Gedanke

Day: August 24, 2020
Time: 20:30
Cost: 0 EUR (registration required)

Please join happy hour reception to network and mingle with others in the nitrides community following the Monday poster session at IWN 2020. Location TBD but space may be limited.
This event is sponsored by Facebook AR/VR.